27 Bridesmaid Dresses

May 9, 2018

Whoah, is it really MAY??!!! Meaning summer is literally here and wedding season is upon us. Let’s be honest, we all love weddings and we love going to them, but they can be super stressful, especially if your a bridesmaid and you need to find that perfect dress.. wait that perfect MODEST DRESS.
YES, its hard, I’ll tell you that.

Well you’ve come to the pro, after being a bridesmaid nearly 27 times (Katherine I’m about to beat you :p) I’ve narrowed down some stunning bridesmaid dresses from all over! Majority of the selection are budget friendly, as I tried but the prices do range and so do the styles.

Please do listen, I tried to find the dresses as modest as possible, but sadly to say I was VERY limited. Some of the dresses may need work, but if you have any questions on how to fix them up, just shoot me an email, I’m here 🙂

——– WHY NOT? ————

MAKE YOUR OWN – If you have the time and patience, go make a dress, it honestly does come out nicer and sometimes cheaper.


VINTAGE STORES – I love love love love a vintage find, so head over to your local vintage store to find something exquisite, you’ll be surprised, plus no one else will have it 😉


RENT THE RUNWAY – honestly, you never know!


When all else fails, have a CARRIE BRADSHAW moment and rock a long sleeve tight with a tutu! You all know that is my all time favorite look!


Follow these accounts below and do check them out for modest gowns!
@miricouture, @bellandcogowns, @gowngamach !!!

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