A Beautiful Mess

July 5, 2016

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A Beautiful Mess 2
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Life is a roller coaster and you never know what is going to happen next but you know what ever happens G-d knows what he’s is doing the best.

However, that’s the beauty of life, knowing that there’s a ‘Light’, a beauty behind all of the struggles we go through. The struggles make us and shape us to the person we are today. They make us the better us. Trust me, I know it sucks…
Struggle is a mean teacher, but its lessons last a lifetime. They shape us for life. I guess that things are not supposed to be easy; otherwise, nobody would be successful.

But I do know one thing and that is time will pass by anyway, what matters is what you do with it. That is why I encourage you to embrace the struggle, no need to seek it through (it will always manage a way to find us). Learn to push yourself to overcome it. Be positive, learn to see the things you develop from it. Feed yourself from it, recharge your batteries. Let it teach you.
It’s only, and only when you decide to embrace struggle that you are able to reach the attitude you need to overcome it. Only then, when you manage to reconnect with yourself, those things become clear. #ABeautifulMess

Dress : is Vintage from Recess

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