About Rachelle


Born in New York, raised in Los Angeles…
Rachelle Yadegar has the best of both cities and carefully balances the pizzazz of each with her own personal modest style.  Being 4″11 (fun-sized is what we’ll call it ;), heels have always been her best friend. How does that saying go…? Oh, right! “Give a girl the right pair of heels, and she can conquer the whole world.
Fashion designer, stylist, and blogger Rachelle has had a vast amount of professional experience in the fashion world.  Let’s just say that this chic chick is in the right pair of heels, and on her way to conquering the world!
Rachelle finds herself on a daily journey to discover the newest and latest trends that speak to her and, of course, now her readers. Her style is feminine chic with just a bit of edge to spice things up. Always looking immaculate, she remains flatteringly modest and keeps it classy.
She believes that maintaining a tasteful balance between feminine prints and vivid hues, the latest fads and time-honored classics is the key to the perfectly posh/sophisticated/voguish wardrobe.
Rachelle’s Philosophy is simple: “Trends are trends, they will come and go. It’s about believing in who you are and staying true to yourself.
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