Born and Raised

January 9, 2017

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This past summer I participated in a trip of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to go back to Israel after not being there for 5 years! It wasn’t just any trip to Israel, but a fashion industry trip with other fashionistas! For me it really doesn’t get better than that haha. The fashion industry in Tel Aviv is completely changing. Tel Aviv has been called “the next hot destination for fashion.” The industry there is growing with so many new designers, and so many innovative approaches to design. I’ve mentioned this before, but it never ceases to amaze me the way that Israeli designers think; they create very minimal, yet structured and modern pieces. These designers are really bringing the fashion industry to a new level and having a ripple affect on the fashion and fashion tech industry as a whole.

One Israeli company, called Born and Raised, reached out to me about their amazing platform. A website in which they introduce new and upcoming designers to people around the world. I am IN LOVE with this idea. Being that I’m a designer myself, I feel that this is something that would help grow my brand. I find this website to be extremely useful, it almost does your marketing for you! Plus, imagine all the cool designers you can find?! I love discovering new designers and supporting them. Guys, definitely check out Born and Raised. I can’t wait to start using it myself! Check out this office inspired outfit below!

Top: Ella Levy, Skirt: Portay, Handbag: Martella

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