September 17, 2015

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The summer season is officially over and I can’t wait for Fall to start. Pumpkin spice latte dates with my girlfriends, wool hats, the colors of the leaves changing outside my window, and lots and lots of plaid is what I’ve been counting down for.

Fall is hands down the best season. I know living in Los Angeles, we’re blessed with the best weather and when it rains we all have a panic attack, literally (as it rained the other day I watched my family and friends stare out the window in shock of the magical water falling from the sky). But, in a way Fall is also a new beginning, a fresh and clean start, hence the Jewish new year Rosh Hashanah being in the midst of it all.

Lately, Forever 21 has been my number one place to shop. At first I was hesitant when purchasing this plaid jacket, but being the shopaholic that I am (and bargain -aholic too!) I couldn’t resist leaving the store without it. It’s such a fun, trendy statement piece for those pumpkin spice chill fall days, plus plaid is something that will always be will trending for a while.

I scored this adorable dress from Banana Republic during their Labor Day sales and have actually been living in it. So comfy and effortless – it’s great to dress up and down.
Brought out my favorite little booties form last fall to finish up this perfect look- I love the calf hair and suede combo, if that wasn’t enough it even has the sexiest gold heel.


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