December 19, 2016

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Can you believe we’re 7 days away from Chanuka!? I can’t even deal! So crazy how the year just flew by us.

With the holidays literally around the corner, we ( Judith and I ) decided to bring back the iconic Carrie Skirt, in this stunning new print. Our Carrie skirt is just one of those beautiful pieces that hardly need an introduction. An iconic piece for a special night out, that will turn heads and just make a statement. A stunning fabrication, high waisted and the perfect fit. Trust me, you will love her, with asymmetrical cut and bright flower hues. This will the ‘it’ skirt for any occasion that you have in stores.

So, I know we all have that one RSVP sitting around, not signed…go ahead and check the “attending” cause you’ve got this masterpiece of a skirt to wear 😉

Use the code NWMY26 and save 10 percent off the Carrie Skirt!!

ALSO, holiday giveaways starting in just a few days!!! Make sure to be following along, cause I’ve got some excited goodies to #GiveAway!

New Rachelle Sig



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