The Girl in the Yellow Dress

March 21, 2017

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Happy 2nd of Spring and to all those that celebrate Happy Persian New Year!! Sorry for delay in my postings. I took a little social media detox …. much needed!

A little yellow dress…I’ve fallen in love. Now, let’s talk about this magical dress! I never thought I would like the color yellow on me, but now I’m obsessed. Who doesn’t love a precious dress that makes you feel good when you effortlessly throw it on? Sometimes the most important part about fashion is dressing up to make yourself feel a little bit more special that day. And with a little bit more confidence on your side, you can take on the day ahead at full force. A sweet little yellow dress from Lucy Paris will surely do all of that for you.

I kind of felt like Emma Stone in ‘La La Land’ in this dress from Lucy Paris. I just wanted to dance and twirl down the streets. You can never go wrong with Lucy Paris, always creating and designing modest and affordable pieces. The delicate lace and pleats give the dress a sharp and classy look. Sadly, this dress is sold out, but not too worry, I have narrowed down my favorite styles below 😉

New Rachelle Sig

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