How To Wear A Slip Dress

November 3, 2016


Photo Credits: @DYLANPERLOT

Another take on this #SlipDressTrend! I feel like the possibilities on styling the slip dress are endless, literally can be worn from summer to winter and from work to play 😉 It’s simple and so easy to wear! Here I’m wearing a Finders Keep Slip and Zara Turtle neck. It was actually pretty chilly in the morning, so I had some fun and added a pair of skinny jeans underneath.

But how do you really wear the slip dress? I got one answer for you: Rarely by itself. Get creative with the ultra layering and see what happens! I’ve added some alternative ways to rock this slip dress look:

  1. Layer the slip dress with a plain t shirt or turtleneck.

  2. Instead of heels pair with some sneaker or some slides for an edgy vibe ( yes I said no heels :p )

  3. Throw on a button down shirt over the dress! Gives it a more work appropriate look.

  4. Wear it with your favorite jeans! Like how I did!

  5. Pair it with a choker and leather jacket, to give it that 90’s vibe.

So we now have around 5 looks? Do you see how adding a t-shirt underneath, a button shirt over the slip and a pair of sneakers or slides can change the whole look. You’ve got one slip dress and so many options! Now, how would you wear your slip dress? Comment below 🙂

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