August 9, 2016

The streets of Tzfat, one of my favorites street in Israel, filled with so much culture, art and history.
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Visiting the IDF base in Jerusalem and finding out you have a fan there! We really got to see how these young and brave soldiers sacrifice so much for Israel.
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Shouldn’t this be a postcard? I agree 🙂 This was on of our last days, we had a beautiful night filled with lots of shopping, food and wine. Nothing beats overlooking the Jerusalem sunset, especially with people you love.
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As a designer, I really enjoy the handcraft ship of the way the Tel Aviv designers create and design. I adore this dress from and fell in love with this handmade dress from Bavua88.
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Only I would wear would a gown to camel riding in the desert. Well at least I got this amazing photo. Thank you Aviram Valdman!! 🙂
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On our first day we visited the first fashion house in Israel, Maskit. We got to explore international trends and textiles. It was super inspiring to see how Maskit all started.
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If you go Israel, you must stay here! The Market House Hotel in Tel Aviv, the perfect location, adorable set up and all you can eat breakfast! 🙂
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Shakshusa Breakfast in Israel – MUST! One of my favorite parts of Israel, is that breakfast is served all day 😉
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OOTD in Israel ….
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Natural herbs in the shuk… My mom would love this!!JWRP Image 12
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Head Designer of Maskit, Fini Laintersdorf. Wearing of one her stunning pieces.
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There was so much inspiration at the Maskit House that was started by Ruth Dayan in 1954. Maskit was born to create jobs for new immigrants and has now become a global phenomenon.
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VIP Fashion Show. Again so impressed by all the designers work and how unique the all were!
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This maxi dress is so me!! Designed by Gadi Elimelech.
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Dead Sea and Polaroids.
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In Jerusalem, under my UMBRELLA ELLA ELLA EY … JK 😉
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More pictures from the fabulous Fashion Show. I truly enjoyed every single presentation.

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In the fashion industry, I’m used to having to grovel and fight with the people around me. It is known that this industry is filled with competition and people willing to step on you in any way to get a level up. Every time I walk into some sort of networking event I feel a little itch in the back of my head – Oh gosh is my lipstick on my teeth, is my skirt sitting straight, is that little poof on the back of my head sticking up?? Hoping, praying that the first impression I make when I walk through those doors is – I got this! (Science proves that people decide within seconds of meeting you if you “make the cut”!!).

My first night at the JWRP I knew that my entire journey wouldn’t have an ounce of that. Rather than the nasty glares, fake smiles, and all other reactions I’ve gotten in the past, I walked into a room of girls hurriedly exchanging Instagram handles, showing each other their latest purchase, gushing over cool photos they took that day, supporting each other, holding hands and just an overall aura of unity. I was flabbergasted. Was I in the right room?

When I first signed up for the JWRP Fashion Industry trip, I was a little nervous about not knowing anyone. Little did I know I would be meeting the most amazing women, that in no time became my sisters.

Questions, interest, ideas! The modest blog I write was glorified! The work that I have been doing so diligently for the past four years was a huge spectacle for the women I had by my side over the next few days. “What do you do when its hot, like REALLY hot? Do you still dress modestly?” “How do you look modest, without you know, looking modest?” The Jewish pride I’ve had for my line of work soared higher and higher, I was on a real spiritual fashion high. How bizarre to have something so physically manifested contain such a spiritual element.

To describe the JWRP trip in words is nearly impossible. The amount of work and detail that went into forming this trip was beyond amazing. From visiting one of the first fashion houses, Maskit, in Israel, to going to our very Fashion Show in Tel Aviv. Each day was filled with both lots of fashion, as well as the spiritual aspect which I love.

Coming to the JWRP Fashion Industry Trip I took away a few things:

1) Women can work together and empower each other (just has to be with the right women!)

2) The work I do has more purpose than I could have ever imagined.

3) Letting people into your creative world can just open your circle even more. Do not be afraid to share ideas, and ask for help! Sometimes the lady sitting next to you on the bus can have the exact word you’re looking for, or share a story that inspires your nighttime outfit!

4) Live, breathe, and change it up when you get the chance. Israel was a dream, an escape for me, that refilled my gas tank so to speak. In between problems with my blog and issues with fabrics for RaJu, I could not help but get stuck on all the details of what wasn’t working out. This breath of fresh air gave me the fuel I need to come back and throw myself into my work.

I want to end on a personal note (as if this isn’t all about me!). When I dropped my last few classes at college and chose to pursue a career in fashion nothing was 1, 2, 3. I had no connections, no guidance, really no clue what I was getting myself into! My friends were concerned, I was the discussion of my family’s Shabbat table (not in a good way), even my parents told me I was making a big mistake. As discouraging as all the opposition was to my decision, I channeled it into igniting my passion and following my heart. Watching my RaJu orders fill up, hit 16k followers on Instagram, and being approached by an Israeli soldier asking for a Selfie —> are the signs that tell me I’ve been heading in the right direction all along. If you can relate to the feeling of being scared to pursue what you love, I want you to know that behind every scary door are hopes and dreams waiting to be explored. Take the plunge! What started as an expensive hobby for me as a 12 year old, has shaped into a career. It will take time, but to me every second has been worth it.

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