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March 16, 2016

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Black dresses. There’s something about them. You  can never have enough LBDs. Whether it’s a simple silhouette or a classy cut, you know that you can always count on this timeless option. It’s essential to every women’s wardrobe and can literally take you anywhere! You need to try it out with flats, sneakers, heels, scarves, belts and jewelry (but not all at the same time, obviously). Whatever you choose, the LBD will still make it look good! This particular dress is from H&M, but I’ve add a few more of favorite styles below!

Now, when did this iconic #LBD all start? As hard as it is to believe today, the little black dress was born at a quite revolutionary time. Designed by the fashion guru herself, Coco Chanel in the 1920’s the little black dress broke all the rules. You see, black was traditionally the color of mourning. The first little black dress was made of jersey fabric, which at the time was used only to create men’s underwear!! This combination of fabric and color was rebellious, and shocking to the world but, it still worked! The 1920’s was huge time of change, especially in the fashion industry, the modern women were tired of the rules that they were limited too. Thus, Coco was well placed to change fashion forever.

Hope you enjoyed this little history lesson! See you soon 😉

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