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August 24, 2017

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Heyy Guys!!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Shabbat outfit ideas. Knowing that pearls are a super hot trend this season & coming fall. I decided to share this look. I’m all about the pearl details. It is so classy and chic. a little about this look… are you ready for this!? They used to be pants but, I fell in love and had to have them, so I made them into a skirt. If your going to do this to your pants.. I would suggest getting a size up and adding small slit because if not you can’t really walk lol. But trust me from experience you will get so many compliments. Like come on Zara… this should have been a skirt from the beginning  😉

Wait…So my challenge for you!! Find a pair pants that you love and transform them to your ultimate skirt! Tag me in the photo and caption and I’ll choose my top 3 favorites. The 3 winners will get a special code or prize from me 😉

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