Metallic Fever

February 22, 2016

Metallic Fever 1
Metallic Fever 2
Metallic Fever 4
Metallic Fever 5
Metallic Fever 6
Metallic Fever
Metallic Fever 7
Metallic Fever 8
Metallic Fever 9

Metallic pieces will forever hold a place in my heart. They remind me of the first collection I designed during fashion school. It was right when Dolce & Gabbana came out with their black and gold collection, and I was totally inspired and in awe of every single piece.

I felt like a total badass walking around LA in this pleated gold maxi dress from Zara. With the fur jacket thrown on to add a little luxe to the mix, I felt like I was a character from the Great Gatsby, or a guest attending the Golden Globes. I mean, it’s a little risky to wear during the daytime, but I felt truly adventurous. When something makes you happy, and it could be from the smallest thing from drinking coffee to something bigger like throwing on this statement piece, why not do it? This is your life, your time, and in the end it’s what makes you smile.

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