June 14, 2016

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Miami was made for me! Eat, drink and tan, what more can you ask for?! :p Let me tell you, if you haven’t been to this hot spot,  stop eveything and go book your ticket now. It’s a place everyone needs to go whether you’re  married or single. Miami is filled with tons of culture, fun and amazing (kosher) restaurants!

Seriously, when they say New York City doesn’t sleep, I think they should say that about Miami. Their night life is young and wild! It’s so different than Los Angeles where everywhere closes at 1 am. In Miami, the party doesn’t start till 1 😉

When thinking about Miami,  one automatically associates it with the Fontaineblu hotel. Staying at the iconic Fontainbleu was just perfect. It was close to everything, had the most beautiful private beach and had an amazing staff. My favorite part was the Starbucks next door 😉

If you know me, you know I’m a MAJOR foodie. I may be little, but I love to eat, especially on vacation. Below I have listed my top favorite kosher restaurants that you must try when visiting Miami!

Brunch & lunch spots

  1. Tasties ( it’s just a few minutes away from Fontaine blu)
  2. Rustiko
  3. Mozart Cafe


  1. Fuego Steak House ( you must get their flat bread and smores dessert!!)
  2. 26 & tapas / dairy
  3. Seventeen / dairy

Hope you enjoyed this little travel guide!

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