January 16, 2016

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If anyone was to look through my closet, they would think I lived on  the East Coast. Why? I have an obsession with coats, blazers and sweaters. A coat can change your entire look, taking it from being sophisticated to super fun…and adds a little va voom to your look!

There’s a fun, little story behind the purchase of the plaid coat. I saw this MinkPink coat at this local boutique in Los Angeles and of course I was in love. You know me by now, I’m sucker for anything pink and oversized! But let’s be honest, the price point was just killing me. Especially, living in Los Angeles how many times would I be able to wear this coat? So I brought out my Persian and Jewish side and visited my best friend: Google. With one search of a button I found this stunning coat for less than half the price on Amazon!! To me that makes this coat even 10 times more enjoyable.

I think having a statement coat is great to have tucked in your wardrobe for lots of wear to come. Get in on the full details below, and have a wonderful weekend!


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