May 2, 2016

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Being a girl that runs around with a schedule that isn’t your typical “9-5” it’s important I can feel comfortable in the clothes I choose for the day. I’ve always been a fan of the oversized boyfriend style which lets me run around without having to suck in my stomach or adjust my skirts constantly. Being that that I am 4″11, wearing something baggy comes with rules. It has to look as if you’re wearing the look intentionally and here is how to easily navigate that.

Being your cute little self, limit the look to one oversized garment. This way you can find balance in your outfit and the way everything pieces together. Exhibit A: You’re dying to wear your new Bohemian top and you reach for that flowy maxi skirt you just bought. STOP! Make sure that the baggy top goes on top of a straight skirt. Exhibit B: Day 2 and you are ready to wear that flowy maxi skirt that reminds you oh-so-much of Coachella. Make sure the top that you are pairing it with is on the slim fitting side.
For me, a baggy dress with some cute jeans and heels is my ultimate look. I’m comfortable, confident and hey, I can eat as much as I want 😉 So don’t toss out that oversized dress, your possibilities are endless!

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