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August 21, 2016

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When I wanted to start to my blog, there was one crucial part that I needed to figure out. The name. The name had to represent everything I stand for. It actually took sometime, until one Friday night my bestie was like: “Rach, are you ever without your heels?” And from there we both started screaming and dancing … “Not Without My Heels” would be the blog name and it was just perfect. So, literally, I’m always in heels and yes, for me, it is actually much more comfortable. It has nothing to do with me being petite and wanting to look tall – or at least very little due to that. It has nothing to do with lack of self – esteem or confidence. This is just me and who I am. I could stand all day, walk miles and be fine in my heels. I do have this little secret though. When I feel some sort of pain, I use Sole Serum. It helps my soles and I live by it. It’s actually genius!

Basically, it’s a serum, that you apply to your feet and the pain goes away. I know, hard to believe! I was a little skeptical at first, but once I tried, it literally was magic! All you need to do: apply 2-3 pumps on the area needed and just rub it in. Wait 60 seconds to dry, and continue on with your day! It takes about 10 minutes for it to fully take effect. The main ingredients are lidocaine and tea tree oil, so essentially you’re stopping your brain from realizing your feet hurt. Oh and don’t worry it’s totally safe, evaluated by the FDA and everything. So ladies, if you love your heels as much as I love mine! Try Sole Serum … You won’t regret it!

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