Something Borrowed, Something New, Something Blue.

June 19, 2016


Something Borrowed, Something New, Something Blue.

I may have said this before but when it come to my own personal style I’m like a kid in a candy store. As many times as I feel I’ve figured out one main look that describes me, I constantly find myself trying new styles. You all know I love right now I’m loving layering.

Something Borrowed

There are many aspects of having a great wardrobe. As a women, the #1 mistake we all make is that we forget what we have in our closets. Think about it! How many times how many times a day do we say, “Oh my gosh I know I don’t have anything to wear.” I catch myself saying that at LEAST twice a week. We need to start shopping in our closets and borrow from what we have! Take this outfit for example: this sweater from H&M is super fashionable and even though I’ve had it for so long, I always find a new way to wear it. This is actually one of my fave styles- a tutu, denim and a pair of awesome heels.

Something New

For me I think an an outfit can make it or break it by the pair of shoes we throw on. (Hence my blog, Not Without My Heels I think shoes are the most crucial part of an outfit!) I recently purchased these from ASOS and I can’t remember my life without them, I’m being serious!

Something Blue

I have a thing for denim, theres no denying it. Jeans jackets, midi skirts, vests, jeans, jeans, jeans! A style you cannot see me without during the week is throwing on a pair of jeans topped by a skirt and trenchcoat. I love the straight element that denim brings to a look, even the baggiest, layered, outfits I put together!

In shorts, ladies- do not be afraid to have fun when getting dressed! Chances are you made a purchase this week that you are trying to incorporate into a new outfit. Take out a “borrowed” item that you know works well, throw in a denim straight edge, and of course, what would an outfit be without a sexy pair of heels?


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