March 4, 2016

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Spring Shot 8Photos by @mbsampson

The Spring season sings a fashion of pretty pastels, delicate details and luscious layering. And, with pops of pink petals from cherry blossom trees all over Los Angeles, that is my top reason for loving Spring. Not to mention, it gives our busy and bustling city some pizazz of color and light!

For me, Spring is more than just another season on the calendar. It holds a much deeper meaning. Being three months into the 2016 year, have you  accomplished what you have hoped and strived for? All around us, flowers, trees and little pretty things are now blossoming. Spring is a time of growth. Like baby birds chirping from trees, this season is a wake-up call to us. It is a time for an emotional, spiritual and intellectual boost. Most importantly, spring is a reminder for real rejuvenation –  to grow, to blossom and be our best and true self.

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