Tel Aviv

August 18, 2016

Tel Aviv Image 1Dress: Zoya Sandler. Necklace+ bracelet: Galit Rondin
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Tel Aviv image 8Dress: Bavua from the Israel designers guild. Bag : Alembika

Tel Aviv image 9Tel Aviv image 10Skirt: Linur Sheizaf. Necklace: Naama Rotem. Sunglasses: Jossef Haver

Tel Aviv image 11 Tel Aviv image 12 Tel Aviv image 13 Tel Aviv image 14 Tel Aviv image 15 Tel Aviv image 16

Tel Aviv Image 7

When planning a vacation, I look into 2 things – food, food, and more food (really!!) oh – and a great location! After my trip with my lovely JWRP sisters, I had to extend my stay in Israel. I mean how could I not? Especially after my 15 hour flight…. 8 days were definitely not enough for me to take in all of Israel. There was so much to do and see! Thankfully, I found the perfect little hotel in the heart of tel Aviv, The Arcadia Hotel. It is a few minutes form the iconic Tel Aviv sea and just a few blocks from the chaotic but yet amazing shuk hacarmel, where you can find anything from jewrely to fresh fruit. Staying at The Arcadia Hotel was better than anything I could have imagined. I had a beautiful view of the entire city of Tel Aviv, and the customer service was amazing.

Being in the heart of Tel Aviv, I got to meet and connect with so many talented designers. I had the privilege of working with The Israel Designers Guild and their amazing “girl boss” Einat Rotfus. Einat created the first designer agency in Israel, providing PR, marketing, and collaboration services for Israeli fashion designers. It unites the best designers in Israel, and offers a wide range of resources to help strengthen their businesses and promote their brands both in Israel and abroad. The Designer’s Guild, having carefully selected its designers, is comprised of the best brands in the industry. They each have their own unique look and vision, and they collaborate with the strongest industrial enterprises in Israel. What I love and appreciate about Israeli designers is their vision. They are not afraid to create. They don’t follow trends, they create the trends – and that’s what makes them true designers and visionaries.

Thanks to my stay at the Arcadia I was really able to experience all that tel aviv has to offer – from the food, to beach, and to meeting incredible designers with the wonderful Einat. I can’t wait to visit again!

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