The Neutrals

May 10, 2016

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Hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend!

Today’s look is all about staying neutral. Neutral colors are fundamental to any girl’s wardrobe – they provide the perfect blue plan for mixing and matching top to bottom. I purchased this grey sweater and skirt from Zara a few weeks ago and went into outfit option heaven, a dream come true! The crepe skirt is super lightweight, giving the perfect feel for the hot summer season approaching. Meanwhile this grey sweater is something that you won’t want to take off 😉 These two neutral items added to my wardrobe slip in so easily? with any outfit that I’ve been scrambling a little less in the morning to throw the perfect look together. We all have an endless amount of black in our closets, now let’s lighten it up with some creams, greys, and whites to get summer ready!

Speaking of neutrals, I have fallen in love with this stunning masterpiece of a watch from Obaku Denmark. A high end watch company based in Denmark, I love it’s silhouette, the mixed metals and did I say price point? Yes, their amazing watches range from $120 to about $200! With my skinny minny wrist, this Obaku watch was made for me 😉

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