This is 25

January 25, 2018

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This morning I woke up to sound of my phone literally going bananas. The birthday messages started rolling in. My first birthday wisher? Is it my crush!? ?
My 25th year of life has officially begun.

I was laying in bed last night, thinking about my 24th year and how fast it flew by. As I get older, the years move along quicker and quicker. Why is that? We don’t necessarily get busier. We don’t shorten the weeks and turn forward our clocks each day. My guess is we don’t stop to enjoy the moment we’re in enough, so life speeds on by and another year passes. ESPECIALLY WITH SOCIAL MEDIA THESE DAYS.

Truth be told, 24 wasn’t my favorite year ever. In fact, it was one of my harder ones. 24 was hard for reasons I’ve held onto in the quiet of my mind. I know what you’re thinking…I’m alive, healthy and run a fashion empire… You’re so right. On the outside, 24 was good. REAL GOOD. But on the inside, 24 felt old. For the first time in my life I felt old. Old and behind on every significant milestone I’d ever planned for myself.

Okay, don’t roll your eyes, I realize 24 isn’t old at all, but as this past year marched on, my age…mentally, emotionally, and physically…made itself glaringly present to me.

Today, I’m 24 and the dark cloud has lifted. Today, I’m another year older, but the knot is gone and the only weight on my shoulders is the decision of which restaurant I’ll pick for my birthday dinner tonight. This year, I’ve resolved to stop letting my age and the preconceived milestones that go along with it, define me. I’ve realized that the only one placing these life deadlines on me was me. I’ve been my own worst enemy this past year, and it’s time I wash myself of it all. I guess I just wanted to share that even though I seem like I’ve got it all figured out – (bloggers are really good at showing you all the good stuff), I struggle with life, too. God has a true and perfect plan. This year…my beautiful 25th year…I’m letting go of control and giving it back to the One who gave me life in the first place. I’m taking time to enjoy every second I’m given instead of comparing my moments to someone else’s. The birthday gift I’m giving myself this year? A break.

Cheers to living for today…no regrets, no comparisons. Thank you for following in on my journey!

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  • Reply CHAVIE January 25, 2018 at 6:17 am

    Thank you for sharing.
    happy birthday!!! Hope that today was a beautiful day which will be the beginning of a wonderful year!
    Wishing you much Bracha and hatzlacha and all sorts of good things to come!
    I’m turning 24 soon and I’ve been feeling similar things.
    Thanks for the chizzuk!

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