How To Wear Your Summer Dresses During The Fall?

November 16, 2016

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Just because the temperatures have dropped ( in most places) doesn’t mean we’re willing to call it quits on our summer wardrobes already. I know I’m guilty of splurging on cute summer dresses during the summer season, but why toss them to back of my of my closet? In fact, no need to put away those cute, flirty summer dresses. I would leave them right where they are… in front of your closet, right where you can see them. Transitioning your summer dresses has never been so easy…It’s about layering and incorporating all the right pieces.

Many have asked, how do you ‘layer’ your outfits. Layering is not just throwing on a cardigan over an outfit and calling it a day. Think of it like a piece of art. You start with your base, one simple, solid piece and you continue to build on to it. But you just have to know when to stop. Over-layering is NOT cute!


  1.  A simple white button down under any dress, somehow gives the illusion of a one piece wonder.
  2. Do wear jeans or legging under your dresses, try them instead of tights.
  3. There is no sleeker look than a turtle neck under any dress, gives up that chic and polish vibe.
  4. Throw on that leather jacket and some booties will forever change your fall wardrobe.
  5. With all the layering going on, you don’t want to get lost in the clothing. Adding a belt over the layers accentuates your silhouette.
  6. Play with texture! I love incorporating a mix of materials when styling a layered look. Using all of the same fabrics, you’re look will come off as heavy… which we don’t want.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Happy Fall and Happy Layering!

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