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I get this question a lot, actually like a lot a lot. Why do I dress up all the time!? Even if I’m just at home working on emails, or running to grab a cup of coffee. I firmly believe in “dressing up” every day of your life, and I think you should too! Honey, let me break this to you, I ain’t dressing up for no guy. I dress for my self, it makes me feel good, it motivates me and keeps me going. Of course, some of it is to be presentable if I do bump into someone I know or maybe that crush I have cause you never know who you might bump into especially living in LA, but it all comes to down to the fact that I just love to dress up. Yes so I am that girl walking on pico wearing 6 inch heels on a Tuesday with a bright pink shiny skirt.. yes that was me.

You feel great, you act happier and you’re more personable towards the people around you. Sorry to say, but a first impression is truly based off of your appearance. When you look the part people will believe you can perform better. So why not dress to impress?!

For me dressing up is a way of expressing myself, experimenting on new trends and styles; fashion is a method of self expression. What are you trying to say? It’s definitely a mood changer and really changes the way people look at you.

If you don’t at least try a few times a week and see how your mood and ways change! I created a few reasons why I think we should all dress up everyday.

  • Your young, beautiful and why not dress up!?
  • That dress you purchased for that wedding that you wore once and spent a ton of money on it. Go ahead take it, and work it.
  • Cute clothes and cute accessories are such a great conversation starters and again you never know who your going to meet 😉
  • Because you want to. That’s the only reason that matters.
  • Because it’s a test of your confidence. Dressing unconventionally forces you to develop the self-assurance necessary to stand out from everyone else

I thought it would be appropriate to share my favorite outfits for this post.  Comment below if your in!

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  • Reply Dee July 21, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Rach this is wonderful!!! I love your fashion sense. I love to dress up as well and people ask me all the time “why” too! I’m glad I’m not the only one out there. It’s definitely helped me develop confidence because I do stand out, but I feel great doing so, especially since I also dress modestly. Thank you for your post! You’re wonderful 🙂

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