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October 20, 2016

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Every fall season we get to see my favorite trend come alive, the leopard print. Designers will showcase them on shoes, bags, dresses and more. There’s something kind of magical about leopard print—whether it’s worn in the form of a statement jacket or simply as an accessory to pump. This year Zara (I can’t find the jacket online, but I know they have it in stores!), created the ultimate leopard print jacket with perfect gold as events.  For me, this leopard print will forever stay as a neutral, and I’m not the first person to say this. Adding this touch of leopard can transform any outfit! It can look classy and nonchalant, elegant and effortless, and always confident and understatedly cool.

Here are a few tips on how to wear this leopard trend:

1 . Don’t be afraid of color. A lot of people just pair leopard print with black. That’s fine, but it can get a little boring. Get creative! Try burgundy or teal.

2.Mix your prints. Leopard print can be mixed and matched with stripes, florals, and other leopard print pieces, and will look awesome when done right. I wouldn’t advise mixing different animal prints unless you’re really confident – so yes to leopard on leopard, no to leopard, tiger, and zebra all in one outfit.

3.Use leopard as a tiny accent on an otherwise clean and simple outfit.A little bit of leopard can go a long way. The simpler and more monochromatic the rest of your look, the more that touch of leopard will pop. Wear it in the form of a narrow belt to subtly draw attention to your waist, or on sunglasses or a gauzy scarf to draw the eye up toward your face.

So tell me, how would you wear this leopard print?!


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